Handmade White Bamboo Matcha Spoon Clean Tea Set

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Matcha tool
Matcha tool
Matcha tool
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1、Made of high quality bamboo for durability.
2、Long-term soaking is not easy to deform and break.
3、Environmentally friendly and healthy, no pollution.
4、Easily clean the tea set.
5、Handmade tea spoon is better match your tea set.

[Product material] bamboo
[Product specifications] single product accessories
[Product color] true color
[Production process] handmade
[Product configuration] no
[Product size] about 18cm/7.08″ long, tea spoon width about 1.1cm/0.43″
[Packing method] OPP bag

Product Features:

It is called a teaspoon because it is shaped like a spoon. Its main purpose is to dig up the brewed tea. The function of the tea needle is to dredge when the spout is blocked by the tea leaves to keep the water flowing. For the convenience, the tea needle teaspoon is more integrated, and the tea can be smoothly exported from the opening of the pot.




about 18cm/7.08" long, tea spoon width 1.1cm/0.43


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